Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Word - The Book

I love the way Drs/Dentists and Opticians like to present an art installation for our contemplation in their waiting rooms... sorry if this isn't focussed but you get the idea.

I learnt how to use my sewing machine as a cutting tool when at college.

Now I have adapted the method to cut out repeat shapes... here a simple hexagon allows me to make the pages for a book with ratty edged leafs  (and before you lambast me for the spelling, I mean as in Toronto Maple Leafs - both leafs or leaves are acceptable spellings, take your pick of the vegetation.)

I used some lightweight draftsman's paper, use a strong needle if you are going to do this and remove as much of the mechanism as you can (and don't hold me responsible if your machine clogs up - mine's a Bernina and they are work horses! that can be cleaned out thoroughly by even the less mechanical of us).
Your machine might not be so accommodating, especially if it has a horizontal bobbin case and race.  Yikes aren't we getting technical now.

I think I am going to stain the pages with coffee it has to look aged and distressed.  But that I will show you after Thanksgiving.  But now is a good a time as any to show you the inspiration for The Book
This is a miniature Koran, Thanks to for the image.
Such miniature Korans were often made to be attached to the tip of Ottoman battle standards, and held high when charging into battle.

Turkey. 1500-1550 A.D. 6.3 cm across. Ghubari script. Courtesy of the Nasser D Khalili Collection of Islamic Art.

Isn't it respect-demanding and gorgeous.


arlee said...

i had forgotten about that method! But then i can't sew a straight line drawn or templated.......

and indeed, that is one beautiful little book

Karin Millson said...

Who needs straight lines... approximation... that is what I love. Great work going on at your side of town I see.