Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Catch up....

The next few posts will be rather jumbled as I attempt to catch up. Since the last post a lot has happened for me (I should be writing on Facebook now shouldn't I).
The biggest of these events were:-
Packed up and left Calgary (for more on my life and work in our newest of homes I will be writing on a blog.  Let me know if you want the address by commenting below).
Moved to British Columbia - had a settling in period which included dyeing and stitching.

Visited Quest University of Canada British Columbia
Taught a workshop in Regina with Arlee Barr as my co-tutor.
There is a wealth of design ideas in the landscape of Saskatchewan - all was new to me.
Outcomes - Photo credit thanks to participating students (see later post for more details on this event)
Note to self: http://www.textileartist.org/sewing-machines-for-embroidery/#sew2

Closed down the place on Saltspring Island
Holidayed in England - Cambridge
and Wiltshire
Went to live and work in Houston
There is much for me to see and learn.
If you live in Houston or the surrounding area and would like to make contact please comment below.

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arlee said...

You're such a jet setter and cosmopolite ;)