Thursday, October 15, 2015

Big thanks to my new friend Terri King who came forward and offered me a lift to the meeting of the Fibre Artists of Houston, Yesterday.  She did far more than just run me in there.  She treated me to a guided tour of several up and coming art districts of Houston, including the district where she has a lovely modern studio in Silver street.  It was a real education.

Here are some photos from the meeting, which was held at the Handweavers' Studio at Guild House.  The meeting (if you will excuse the pun) focussed on Photographing your own work and we were given many useful hints by Nancy.  Thereafter there was a show and tell which demonstrated the diversity and talent of the members.
I was particularly interested in the information on The Folly Cove Designers 1941 - 1969 that ?Susan shared.  Lino cuts now documented in a 2013 publication from the Cape Ann Museum. Gloucester MA.
All credit to the Cape Ann Museum for this lovely book  - here are a few images if you can't get to see their collection - please go to their website linked above.

Aino Clarke carving

Next meeting is going to be a more interactive affair on loosening/freeing up exercises led by Peggy.

We picked up some fliers before leaving Guild House and I saw a handout for the Makerspace.  Amazing coincidence because I had spoken to John and Dan about the possibility of there being one... Terri kindly ran me over there where we found a very active maker space, with the potential for running stitching classes there. There is an intro. to Arduino class on offer at end month (interested).  Terri also expressed an interest in having me help her move forward with her work. Looks like I had better apply for a work visa as soon as I can get my social security number.

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