Monday, October 6, 2014

Stampeding Stitches - EAC conference, May.

It's online and active. Do you want to do more with your sewing machine than stitch shirts, skirts, trousers and blouses?  Do you know how to use your machine to stitch for quilting? Even if you don't, do you want to learn to do far more with your machine.?... Then join Arlee Barr and me at the Embroiderer's Association of Canada Conference for an outrageously audacious 4 day workshop.

Arlee and I are teaching at the Embroiderer's Association of Canada Conference in May 2015, in Calgary. The EAC website has a link to the seminar.  During the first two days of the workshop I will encourage you to Abuse a Sewing Machine to create a library of design ideas, shapes and amazing 3D textures (you only need a simple machine to do this but more complicated machines can do it too... machines can be made available if you are travelling in, or can't carry in your industrial workhorse... For the remaining two days Arlee Barr's continues to develop the designs with her fantastically illuminating hand-work. Why they don't show Arlee's samples I just do not know....  I have attached one below for completeness.  I will stick around and help you take your machining to infinity and beyond!

Register now to avoid disappointment!!!!  Numbers are restricted.
Click on the image  or go here to see details - and  follow the links or go  here to register.... thanks.

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I do wish they had called the event : Stampeding Stitchers... - Far more humour in that.... but they didn't.  Perhaps it is crossing a line to joke about a/The Stampede in Calgary.  any Calgarians out there want to rein me in over that... ?(forgive the puns, I just galloped away with it on the spur of the moment).

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arlee said...

I'm with you there on the name of the seminar :) let's hope they will stampede to our class! Sharing this, you punny cowgirl, just leave yer boots on