Monday, October 6, 2014

Kitchen Art

Now some folks like the reverse side of their machine or hand embroidery more than the right side. It is sometimes good to give in to the unpredicted.  I just love the reverse side of work created using Copic markers (which I have been known to refer to as Coptic markers!).
 In this image I moved the pieces about to created a canvas that looks as if it might have been created as one unit.
These have been placed randomly - much more satisfying to me.

These pieces might be called Zentangles, but I am a zentagle denier... and by that I mean that doodling has been around since someone dipped their finger in the sand and twiddled it about.  Noone needed to give it a holistic name before and I don't think it needs one now.  However, I did see a nice little book in Michaels today that was all about doodling development ... I mean zentangling.  But seriously do we need a book to teach us this.... I find that picking up a phone in one hand and a pencil in the other does the trick if doodler's block should threaten.

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