Saturday, October 4, 2014


Or am I just getting quicker.
Need more magnetic snaps, bit bored with the one and only type sold at F-land.
 I will not be put off by pattern matching.
I feel the itch to make a bag in my own way...
As I described it recently... like people make dolls, some make porcelain, others felt or peg.  Others use mixing spoons or make amorphous shapes that can be cuddled in a Rudolph Steiner type of attitude.  And I expect I would make a mixed media alien creature - doll.
If we follow this philosophy through with bags... what would a bag I design look like I wonder.
Mustn't jump the gun here.... keep stitching bags according to Amy.
But just to quell my rebellious side: Maybe an hour on the web to if anything exists past bag-making 101.

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