Thursday, October 2, 2014

Another day - another bag

One for Al... request... "black and red, more black than red"... It is too close to call.
A nice little number 7" x 7" x  12"... the handle appears massive in this photo.. It is just  a wristband really. I put the way it appears in the photo down to perspective.
This is actually a very cute bag.
I still haven't mastered all the angles and edges left between zip, exterior and lining... Though I am not sure how much 'flatness' one can actually achieve.  If you have advice for me on that, please message me.
 And "No, the pleats were not supposed to be all the same size" - see the instructions for yourself if you don't believe me!  And I am glad they aren't - far more interesting this way.  
And please note how one can change a really dreadful fabric into something quite interesting just by creasing it up.

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