Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tie and Felt

My first tie… Indigo…
Thanks Matt for pushing me to make something I haven't made before.
I do hope  you like it.
It does have a symmetrically pointed end!
And the pocket square is 12" x 12"

With my signature shibori or tie -die patterns, very other-worldly, like something from out of a petri-dish.

And at last I am moving forward with felting in my own way… after taking a leaf out of Marjolein's book which has taken me to using felt in a different and more exciting way than I had previously experienced -  I am now making samples and experimenting.  Photographing them along the way…. do I upload here or not?
Probably not ready to yet.  But I am having fun breaking the rules.
More on this another time.

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arlee said...

YOWZAm those are Gorgeous!!!!!!