Sunday, November 3, 2013

Proud as Punch of River Valley School - Friday Special : Legal Graffiti

Here it is - 
21 students  created a stunning piece of urban art.
Not sure where it is going but it certainly goes.

 RVS Students, 2013
Legal Graffiti
The Dove, the Spider and the udders
(apt mis-spelling of 'others')

Thanks to Dean Stanton for getting us started with his patchwork-panel style for group pieces.
Dean, I hope you like the direction the students took it.
And thanks for not-telling me how my hands would ache after using the glue gun for 3 hours to stick the panels down ;-)

What I would like to see is this piece hung on a Wall-For-All.
My students didn't have any problems letting go of ownership of their original panels such that, as a group, they could work over the entire panel and create a much more dynamic whole.
What would happen if we gave the work over to the entire school, hmmmm?

Stickers are allowed.

Thanks Mrs Corbett for having faith and putting your students in my hands.
Next week, Matchstick men, and then the all-important debate: -
 "This house believes Graffiti is a social activity." ((…and - Yes, 'graffiti' is a verb too)).

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