Friday, October 18, 2013

SDA Alberta Exhibition

What’s on the Surface?
First show by established and emerging artists and members of the Surface Design Association Alberta, (SDA), showcasing the talents of its members.
To be held at Atlantis Fine Framing and Studio Calgary, Alberta.
4515 Manhattan Rd SE  Calgary, AB, T2G 4B3
April 5 - April 30, 2014
Submitting artists must be Alberta residents and SDA members at the time of submission. If you do not currently hold a valid SDA membership please visit

Call for expression of interest
If you would like to take part in this show please email your intent by November 10, 2013 to
Please include:-
Your Name
Phone number

The formal submission process is detailed below.
Theme and Context
Exhibition Theme: What’s on the Surface?
There is plenty of room for interpretation of the theme. An artist may choose to produce a meaningful surface that inspires, intrigues, or may simply be viewed as beautiful, ugly, or thought provoking. Perhaps you prefer to respond to the theme in a conceptual way.  For example, one might explore the idea that what a person shows on the surface is not necessarily what the person feels inside.  Or, one might express how cutting through the unappealing skin of the passion fruit reveals the beauty within. There are innumerable ways to address the theme and your approach is completely up to you.
This is a contemporary show open to the original application of traditional as well as experimental techniques. 
For the purposes of this exhibition ‘the surface’ is to be a textile, fibre or thread-based work, where 'fibre'  and ‘thread’ are used in their broadest possible sense, from the more traditional materials of cotton/silk/wool to the more innovative: strands of polymer plastics, wire, paper shreds, fibrous minerals, coils of clay etc.

A maximum of 3 works may be submitted for consideration.  A small series occupying a total of 30 cm or less in any direction will be considered as one piece.
Works of art can be 2D or 3D and must be completed during the past two years.
Art works as individual pieces, or as a small series occupying a total of 30 cm or less in any direction, can be accommodated easily. Larger pieces will be considered in the context of the available space.
This is a curated show.  All works should be of professional standard and finish.
The curators, Linda Hawke and Karin Millson, have final say on inclusion.
There is no submission fee.

Submission Deadline: February 14, 2014
Submission is via email, to and should include:-
digital images of a maximum of 3 works proposed for exhibit; (max 3 images per piece, 300dpi sized to a maximum of 800 pixels per side).  Image files should be named with a number and the last name of the artist, eg: 1_smith
a correspondingly numbered list of works including title, size (cm), media, year completed, value (or price, if for sale)
brief explanation of each work (50 word maximum)
artist’s bio, detailing your history as an artist and the philosophical approach to your work (200 word maximum)
Transportation and insurance of works is entirely the responsibility of the artist.
All works must be supplied ready to hang, clearly and securely labelled with artist’s name, title of work, directional arrow, and price on the back or bottom of the work.
Any special installation instructions should be included with the work.
Expression of Interest:              November 10, 2013
Submission deadline:                February 14, 2014
Artists will be notified by:        March 14, 2014
Delivery of works:                   March 31, 2014
Finished artworks must be with the curator (Karin Millson, 4519 Coronation Drive, Calgary, Alberta, T2S1M5) by the end of the above date
Exhibition dates:                       April 5, 2014 – April 30, 2014
Opening reception:                   April 11, 2014
Pickup of unsold works:           April 30, 2014

All works must be removed from the gallery by end April 30, 2014. 
If you cannot be there yourself to remove your works, please arrange for another person to collect on that date.
It will be possible to sell works from the gallery.  Atlantis Fine Framing and Studio will take a 25% commission on any works sold during the show. Sold works will remain on display for duration of the show.

Contact Karin Millson for further details or clarification: -
403 453 1823

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