Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A day out for Karin... work and play

Visited The Glenbow - in the hope of seeing some good graffiti artists' work  since the art room there has children creating graffiti text and pop art inspired by the work of Keith Haring and others.  They didn't have any Keith Haring on the walls at all... So a bit weak for a school activity for Grades 4&5 I felt.

Instead I moved on and spent time with the depressing world war 1 art of  Otto Dix and  and A Y Jackson....  and then to the Made in Calgary - 80s exhibition and then it was all alright.  I was inspired.  Yep there is only one word for it.  I now need to research the work of Eric Cameron, Mary Shanon Will, Sally Barbier and Gisele Amantea.  

(In a similar vein I enjoyed the work of Jeremy Hof in the Vancouver Art Gallery, that was on show there the previous summer. Layer after layer of acrylic on a cube.... then ?sanded, if I remember correctly, to reveal the inner layers and to me the wonderful depths of the interior via the centre of the circles....black holes, like Goldsworthy loves.  There were black holes in one of the 80s pieces in the Glenbow... so we have come full circle).

Jeremy Hof: The Cube from this blog

The curator, Jeffrey Spalding wrote of the 80s art of Will et al, "It is a Calgary specific; task-oriented art that is, in every way eccentric and idiosyncratic in appearance." Hmmmm. and " A significant component of experiencing works by Mary Shannon Will is their exquisitely manufactured surfaces.  paint applied and sanded and smoothed and overpainted a staggering number of times* creating a visual texture that cannot be otherwise replicated.
They were wonderful.
(*he doesn't say how many) 

Eric Cameron Begun August 24, 2008 - Thin Painting: Chris's Thread and Needle 100
Taken from 

(if you are not happy that I include these images in my blog please let me know via comments and I will remove.
Thread and Needle is a great piece AND a wonderful addition to this blog i-sew.blogspot.com)

Next post will have an image (perhaps part) of a felted piece I am completing after Saltspring.
 And it seems to me like I turned right on my artistic journey.

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