Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finished Panels - Very well done Pupils at River Valley School

I would happily bid at auction for these pieces... 
A fine piece from Grade 6 Standard Stream
Love the snail and the clever use of mirror imagery where the sun is reflected on the water.
wonderful use of colour and texture.
 We have works inspired by flags and gaming, moustaches and pattern
Is that a blue-bird I see before me?
These are by the Upper Elementary Montessori pupils Grades 4-6

And more Grade 5's stunning
Love you too.

Thanks for the allowing me the pleasure of teaching you!


arlee said...

they *are* amazing, and it must have been a pleasure to work with players who have no preconceptions about what it "should" look like or be

corioconnell said...

I love your work that you did with the students! I also loved it that you started out with "kid" work at the Surface Design Meeting the other night! Keep up the good work!