Friday, March 30, 2012

The Curiosities show in Medicine Hat

Did I ever imagine that I would have work on show in a place called Medicine Hat... There is no such place name in Britain, the closes we get is a coastal location called Scratchy Bottom, and that isn't similar at all is it?

Anyway I digress, if that is ever possible in the first sentence of a blog entry...

If you happen to be in the area of The Hive do pop in as the show's opening is tonight at 7pm.  Yes the opening of the show is on the first night of the show, and not somewhere near the take down (as seems to be the norm in Calgary !!??!!)

It is a 2 and a half hour drive from Calgary so I won't be there.  But I am told that all 3 of my pieces (2 of which were shown in my previous blog entry) were accepted and are on show.

Also work by my good friend, the extremely talented Arlee Barr is on show in the gallery and shown below.
I ask you, Isn't that just beautiful?

“Hybrid Pod: Girl” arlee barr 2012
8″, stitched paper and fibers over wireform mesh, beading, hand and machine embroidery

I hope I can show you some images of the show and gallery when they upload to The Hive website... all in good time....

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arlee said...

reception on take down night never made sense--how you can relax and enjoy yourself or the other art and artists when you have a timeline that's pressuring you?????

can't wait to see how the show looks in situ, even if it's by photo proxy!:)