Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

John, Adam, Alice, Aden and Laura
The work of Sally Michener at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver
 There is much stunning modern art alongside Canada's cultural heritage. This image is off-centre because I wanted to catch the inlaid woven fibre at right. 

 These guys I do not know but the colourful juxtaposition of their pink Ts against the photographic imagery of Salt Spring's Stephen Friedman was a stunner and quite put me off my pesto-pasta

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Contextural's collective show is up at Epcor along with 100s of mice! If you can get there please do.
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And congratulations to all the exhibitors.  The windows look fantastic.
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Lynn Cohen said...

Guys in pink shirts is an interesting site anywhere but especially under this wonderful art piece. I like how it all comes together.

The statues are wonderful to see as well.

arlee said...

A visually stimulating weekend obviously!
UBC's Museum of Anthropology is wonderful isn't it?

arlee said...

oh, and so chuffed to see the Epcor Centre using one of your minals for the promotion!

Planet Penny said...

Love those pink shirts! Fabulous images, Penny