Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art Central

This looks like a good reason to get myself down to Arts Central, Calgary.   Work by Megan Dyke and Nathan Mizera.  I wont see it this week as I am in town only in the morning... but maybe stitching gals will want to visit next week.  

Nothing much doing on the stitching front but pleased to report I am nearly a third into my self-imposed, self-regulated, self-directed "How to create your own website" course.

I could do with a break from all this CSS stuff (and it is only Tuesday).  Thanksgiving is coming up - there is a show to see on Salt Spring Island (where we are spending the holiday) - with a piece by Diana Thompson, check out the story of Lens.... for a good discussion starter.

Reminds me of my blue ceramic balls sprinkled across terracotta shards in a garden in England (sorry no photo available).

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