Friday, October 28, 2011

Amazingly geological... time management

This is one of my manipulated photoshop images - very organic, very me.  From some ceramic work I did.   I think this has potential in stitch.  Probably my other clay pieces do too...
Add it to the To Do List.

Monday - Work on Web Site Development
Tuesday - Sculpted surfaces  (A World Beyond Shibori)
Wednesday - Networking with Calgary's Dynamic International Wednesday Stitch group!
Thursday - Kreative Momentum Workshop Prep.
Friday - His Diverse Materials (The Dark Side, or see the above)
Weekends - sacrosanct = family time

Where does all the other stuff fit in?
 - Tuition/Mentorship/Consultancy/Workshops
 - Marketing
 - Designing
 - Accounting
 - Development/Experimental work
 - Proposals
 - Blogging/(web) research/online shop maintenance

I might put this rambling blog entry up for half an hour and then delete it... Unless it proves of interest to readers.... via email or comment.  What does your working week look like?

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arlee said...

HA--i just realized my post may have been influenced partially by you! There ya go again, Scamp, how dare you :)