Monday, November 1, 2010

Taking Part - Putting together a walnut/peach stone.

How exciting, Contextural is having a show and sale for Xmas.... in mid. Nov.   Oh dear... I must get a move on if I want to show anything.  So whilst watching the last Flames match (which they shamefully lost 7-0) I sketched out a few ideas.  Today I made some 'platelets' that I thought would be layered up to become brooches.
By school pick up time I was getting a bit despondent as the assembling phase was not going well.  But after the break of a drive to and from school and then kitchen-time... which included mashed celeriac&potatoes.... I did what I do best - played - and found I had fashioned what I thought at first was a peach stone, but soon realised it is a walnut for Xmas of course...
I had decided to work in Orange... to facilitate a discussion of the samples with a group of unsuspecting folks on Wed.  Since 2 of them are Dutch I though the orange-ness might appeal to them subliminally!

Here is a walnut.
Perhaps it just looks like a tangled piece of cord... but that isn't what it is at all.... I think when there are more it will be more obvious how it is made and it will show the various ripple shapes... adjacent to each other.... ( to be shown in my next blog entry I hope).

I am going to make 5 of them, minimum, per necklace...and string them onto a  wire... maybe using those pinched beads to hold them in place... and the clasp????  Maybe take a trip to Michaels for jewellery inspiration tomorrow.
First sample will have beads of all one size but as I become more confident working the designs I intend to throw in some variations in size and, of course, colour.  And I want to go back to my inspiration... the worms for colour combination ideas.
Ooh this is going to be fun... as long as I crack the findings....

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