Monday, November 8, 2010

Latest walnut

These are my latest beads.  I strung one necklace and hope for a bit of feedback on it today if I manage to meet up with Siri.  These are ready for playing about with to see how best to string.
I am going to try to get one on a wire choker now.... I think that will be a lovely way to show them off.
What do you think of beading along one edge too... but it mustn't get too itchy scratchy on the wearer so maybe not.
On a business note... each beads take 45 mins each to manufacture... So a necklace at 5 hours work is already an expensive item... not to mention the findings... which, if I want sterling silver or good quality at least, cost a pretty penny.  What is the Canadian equivalent of "pretty penny"? .... sweet cent, perhaps??

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