Friday, May 7, 2010

Hermit Crab - Felted/Shibori

After attending a workshop with  Tracey Kuffner at the Waldorf School in Calgary - see earlier blog entry
I produced this...

I have seen similar work - Irene van Vugt's piece 'Peluca(2007) shown in the 211 , 2010 issue of Textile Plus is a head piece but is not made in the same way.  And various artists are making felted vessels using a mould to build around.  Cindy Obuck's work 'Hyacinth' is a lovely example of this, and she is a local artist.  However, I haven't as yet, found any examples of shibori used in this way to make vessels, let me know if you know of any.....  I hope to develop this idea further for my worms... to build a "Worms of the Night series", if you will!!!
It is a shame I am not here for the workshop by Montreal Artist Marjolein Dallinga in Red Deer this summer as I am sure she has pushed the boundaries of felting further than most.
I can't wait to take this creature to the next Contextural meeting to discus it with the group.

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