Monday, May 3, 2010

A better apprectiation of Shibori.

I have been making shibori for years and yet only now do I truly start to break the boundaries and develop shibori with what I perceive as originality.
These pieces are silk organza with acid dye and the tied method of Kikaigumo (tool aided spiderweb) Shibori.
Yet another sample but this one in tube form and I will work with this idea on my next worm.
Maybe you think this is same old, same old... but it isn't and you will see why not if you keep tuned in!    or should I say logged on.


arlee said...

you have to borrow my book :)it reminds me of your work with all the colour!

Karin Millson said...

Yes please. I will be in the house all Thurs morning... the owner will have the windows cleaned... aren't I a jammy devil.
Can I come by and look at the book at lunch time... maybe 12-1pm