Monday, May 3, 2010

Doodle update May

If I were to add up all the minutes I spend 'waiting' I am sure I would be ready to change my lifestyle. However, as I do, currently, use waiting minutes to (amongst other things) doodle, I feel it is time well-wasted as the saying goes.
Adrian once told me to not distress myself over the amount of time I spent queueing at Albert Heijn (supermarket), I was living in The Netherlands at the time, but to use the time to think about things.  I am sure he spends his time solving complex mathematics theorem... but I would spend it doodling if that were practical.
Here are three of the recent ones.
Translate this to stitch, I must.*

*Having just read "The Professor and the Madman" by Simon Winchester, I feel qualified to play with English, it has had such a long and evolutionary past - and if language can evolve then I am part of the ecology.


Unknown said...

Love these 'doodles' or zentangles as I know them - have you seen the ones I am currently stitching?

Karin Millson said...

I saw some you did a while back... they reminded me very much of Henna patterns. Mine are clearly a subconscious expression of all the natural history and organic shapes and lines I have had contact with over my years. I want to work with them digitally and print on diverse surfaces and stitch.
But that will be when I give myself a block of time for it... I am too involved with my worms right now.
And now I will look back for your current zen work.