Thursday, March 19, 2009

Much to do

The surface I created using the shibori mushrooms on a wonderful fleecy fabric has been on stand by. Now it is held in place (but still pinned). When the light bulb (of inspiration) came on, I added marbles as a reference to the much used Shibori technique that this piece was built on. I think they might be encouraged to shine out when it is finally lit. They provided the fixings that the fabric needed to attach it at back to a mesh/framework/support.

I still have to add the stitched references to the gills and figure out how to get it back lit but if all else fails it will be a tube light like the previous one made using digital printing etc.

Now I go back to preparing more shibori mushrooms for a development in the series. And get those digital printable surfaces ready for tomorrow... the big rush before a skiing holiday over the children's Spring Break next week.


arlee said...

I'm liking this very much as is :} Have you beaded those points in between or are those pins? The contrast in the gridding and the puffs is wonderful.

Karin Millson said...

Arlee, Don't you just love it when the answer comes and it is soooo sweet and simple you know it just has to be right.
I held the marbles in place using elastic bands as if I was going to shibori them... and did it through a large garden mesh so they fell in thecorrect geometric position... then I used a thread to simply knot them in place taking care to not over-pull, in fact some areas are looser but I like it with at least a little variety otherwise it would be very boring and totally geometric. How it is I can see the blips of colour from the traditional marbles. Then I removed the elastic (with one eye on longevity - I hate the mess of aged rubber although aged rubber balloons must have a use somewhere... Al collected one from the garden which I so much wanted to use in stitching but it had 'gone off' too much.
I really can't wait to take this to the electrician and see if he has an idea of how to light it with a diffuse light so that the colours from the marbles shine forth... not sure if I want to add more stitching it finished?????