Friday, February 20, 2009

A touch of New Zealand

Above is a piece collaged from 3 photo images taken in New Zealand... I think the final piece gives a flavour of what we got up to there along the coast. Next week I will be printing onto surfaces and will try these new images - should be fun to get something going with stitch at last...

Maybe I can even get started today but I have a shocker headache which could be something to do with a weather system a Chinook over Calgary... on the other hand one of Aliya's fellow students posed the question "Does a Chinook cause migraine?" at the science fair and the scientific conclusion was "No" in which case I just have a headache end of story.

Below are windows taken from this one and the previous study after working more into it. There is a lot of texture that doesn't show on the small image (click to enlarge) I am interested in doing these as a series or triptych +1 (what is that called). So I think I will go and prepare a surface for this.


Palm Garden View


Jackie said...

You are very widely travelled. Such great influences lead to great art.

arlee said...

Karin, those are all fabulous and inspiring---i had to devour the details in larger format :}