Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photoshop for design

Sorry for the watermark - I am just experimenting with copyright protection
I know many people out there are designing using the computer but I don't think I have ever given myself total permission to do this, feeling that it is somehow a travesty not to use paper and inks/crayons/paint... but I guess I have been heading this way for years and it is time I admitted it.

I remember the day a photographer friend of mine moved over to the digital dark side, and I guess the transition was as big a one for her as this is for me...

So I post here a couple of images I have worked on during the past week as I move along the road to printing on diverse materials (see previous posts)... It is going to be very exciting trying these images along with the shibori methods that I have been working on.

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Unknown said...

hey, I missed so many things here!
Your experiments with photoshop are great, and I love the mushrooms:)