Thursday, December 7, 2017

Back working - New Studio, South End, Saltspring.

Shadow Puppets - Genus 394Wz species 1
It feels so good.  I don’t have all the goodies out, that those of you who have seen my studio know I like to be surrounded by:- beads and bling from the souks of Oman, raffia from Nigeria, powdered earth from Oman, Indigo balls from Nigeria, buttons, needles, scissors and threads from absolutely everywhere I have lived. Far too many skeins of half-used wool, half used fat quarters of fabric, papers, plastics, wire and fibre optic cable.... you name it I probably have it.
But half of it all is still in boxes.  Nonetheless (I love using that word for some reason), I am back to working in my studio and it does feel good.

First job today: to create shadow puppets and then there was a need for some of my shibori creatures to be waterproof, so I made some out of ironed bubble wrap.
The amazing thing is that I found all the materials and equipment I needed.  So I am smiling.
Here are the creatures sitting on a piece of remnant black (think negative space ) de-puppeted card-stock.

Come and visit, the studio is open for visitors!

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