Friday, October 6, 2017

Blog post delayed.....It's official - I have arrived

Sorry - but... I refuse to be any different now to how I was last week...
I mean I wont let all the lovely things that are being said to me and about my art, go to my head.
I still slop about in jeans and my SNNAP T-shirt.
I still prevaricate about what creative endeavour to throw myself at.
I still have sleepless nights about this falling off the ceiling beam at Artspring, Saltspring Island.
Memory Hive - Karin Millson, 2017
Image offset due to layout constraints, sorry.

One lady said to me that this piece would look great scaled up. It is 6' tall now but I know, I know.  I have dreamt of my works filling huge spaces and I would love to do just that, make them bigger.
If there is anyone out there who knows Architectural folks who might be interested in speaking to me.. please let me know.  After all, why do I spend my time putting stuff up here if not to ask for help now and again.  Networking - Karin-style!
I am a classically trained artist, so I come without any business sense... That is something that the Saltspring Arts Council might be able to help me with.  (By the way, should there be an apostrophe in there somewhere?  I certainly think so)
Here is a detail.
Memory Hive (Detail) Karin Millson, 2017
And here is my name in print.
Does the title mean it is all downhill from here?

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arlee said...

Awesome to see that special mention! You more than deserve it---as to "prime"? Bloody right you are: 2.
of the best possible quality; excellent.