Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thankfully my computer has a slot at the back

My Nikon Coolpix P6000 was gathering dust till recently when I managed to get the old and much expanded/exploding battery out of the back of it, and then sourced a new battery online.  I am now thrilled to be using this delightful little machine again.
Its first assignment was to take photos in the Museum of Fine Art in Houston.  You remember (some posts back?)... well when it came time to download the images, I discovered that in the multiple house-moves I have misplaced the download cable.

Fortunately the darlings at Apple had put a download slit in the back of this computer I am working I am a very happy teddy.
Here are just three shots from that day - all, except the Pollock, have been saved here at really at low res. so not too hot if you click to see detail.  But PLEASE do click on the Pollack and you will see that the detail stored by my darling P6000 in the low light conditions  puts my iPhone to shame.
(other images will be posted on the family blog).
Click on the above!  The detail is shocking when you remember that flash is not allowed. I just love the freedom that this work evokes.  Plus all the dreaming you can do when you fall into its blackness.
Jackson Pollock No 6 1949 (Detail)

Shadows are almost as thrilling as the coiling in this piece
Ferne Jacobs Sefirot 1998 (Detail)

John outside the art gallery.
Albero folgorato (Lightning Tree), Italian artist Giuseppe Penone,

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