Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finished #2 to Operatic accompaniment.

Photo to come later, I can't share till the bag has found its home.
Had to hand-stitch because my domestic machine can't get into the nooks and cranies that this bag demands to have stitched.
I now have perforated finger end.
And they are sore.
But the music made up for much.
Go to here: HERE for a little peace and tranquility
And when there is so much to dislike the internet for Shinae Choi Robinson posted this by Alexander McCall Smith writing on Soava Sia il Vento, which was an extra gift.
"Not only is this one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed, but the words are extraordinarily peaceful, generous and resolved. 'On your voyage, may the winds be gentle; may the waves be calm; may all the elements respond to your desires…' What more can we wish anyone setting off on life's journey? I listen to this several times a day; I never tire of it. It is music suffused with the greatest possible sympathy and humanity. It expresses what I want to feel about the world. It is the deepest truth."

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