Friday, September 12, 2014

Boring post, don't read, it's just a To Do list.

It seemed like I had been working on the visiting artists' project (Yoshiko and Lisa) for months. Indeed it was 18 months.
Now I need to get back into my own work, which on a reduced studio could be tricky... and I will fight against buying  doubles of equipment and so on.  It has taken me most of this week to simply get all the stuff back to people who left items with me intentionally or unintentionally and return unused items to Canadian Tire (yes that's tire not tyre) etc.

Forgive this wordy and relatively un-illuminated post... it is a mind map really.

Puppet show. Wendy was brilliant about putting in a proposal to Les Sages Fous in Montreal and we were then invited to participate....  She will come back with lots of ideas, improvements and ways to go... good on you Wendy.
I spent some of yesterday searching out incidental music for the stations... and was introduced to Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock.  Neat.

SDA - meeting with new Rep. Leslie and Ambassador Arlee next Monday.  Let's get Leslie's show on the road.

Visiting Artists - having initiated the Andrea Graham and then the Beaney/Littlejohn show I must catch up with the new organizers to debrief about admin things...should be interesting.

A new collaboration - I would like to but, I can't write much about that just yet... in progress.

Organic dyes and pigment.  Need to go through the workshop on my own.  I have a 123 Henna indigo vat in my kitchen.  Looks lovely in its glass vessel...Very 'Designer Statement''s nearly in the dark and I am not too worried about U/V.
Yesterday found a source of Calx in Calgary, Science Is.... collecting some tomorrow.  If you want some, let me know.  123 additions needed then I can have a daily play with my filter papers.. can't wait.
Need to go through chemicals I have and order some from Maiwa to get my act going on pigment separation.

I was going to write "And if you know where I can source sepiolite clay in or near Calgary please do tell." but I have just found some stuff on the web which makes me feel like I don't want to create Maya Blue anyway.... I'd rather keep my lungs....see next post.

2D-3D.   I do want to have a sample of the fulled wool gauze and I certainly need to do samples of degumming of silk organza.

Taking on board what Lisa taught about shrinkage of thinly laid out wool... I fully felted... and dramatically shrank down a piece I have been holding on to since working at ACAD the summer before this one..... OK I will show you the outcome... I like the marks on the partially felted piece best and the wool wasn't the superfine merino that most folks prefer... so it is a bit hairier than some might like... but isn't it lovely... Might be interesting for the next project in this listing....

Wedding Certificate Frame.  An opportunity to make this has presented itself.  I need to do samples and send to 'client'.  I have a feeling that degummed organza will make an appearance. Sample sample sample... Need chemicals for this too.

And then there is all the project wrap up.. tax files etc....

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