Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now here is something VERY new and exciting:

Skype Speaker Series #1

Sian Martin

Take advantage of a marvellous opportunity
 to connect with this very talented 
British artist and teacher 
in her studio 
via the internet for her live presentation 

Stitching in the Air 

April meeting of SDA: Alberta in Calgary
Tuesday 29 April
Details below

Go HERE for online ticket purchase
and you will find a more legible version of the graphics there too.

I have arranged for Sian to speak to us directly from her studio in England!!
This is the reason for the lunch-time setting and new location.

We will meet at the EMMEDIA screening room in the Beltline (details below) to ensure robust internet connection.

There is plenty of on street parking on 11th and 12th Avenues and adjacent streets, including payable lot parking. 

 C-train and No 3 bus are also good ways to get there…
It would be even easier if you car pool.  SDA:Alberta is an environmentally friendly organization.
To learn about the location and enable clickable links please click on the  Eventbrite link here for online ticket sales.
Some photos of the location have also been attached to the end of this post.
Please share this information with as many people as possible from your contacts list so that Sian reaches as many people as possible with her illuminating and most unique perspective on stitch.
I am relying on you.

For more information about Sian and her work go to this place.

Photos to help you find the Emmedia location: down the side of 351 11th Avenue - look for the Emmedia logo.

If you would like to be registered on a list of 
Skype Speaker Series Presenters.....
Please send me an email giving the title of your talk and the time (gmt) that you would like to present.
I will provide this information to fibre friendly folk all around the world via SDA contacts, on request.
The Fibre World just got smaller.... again.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Is it possible to also see it in the UK? Broadband access is good in most of the Uk.. and so we could Skype along with you.

Best wishes
Maggie ( Wiltshire - UK)

Karin Millson said...

Not this time. But if the Skype speaker series proves very popular I have plans for widening the audience.
Great that you wrote to help show me where the interest is. You are not the only one who wishes to 'listen in'. This is the first of its kind so we want to get it off the ground. Then add more features. Step by step.