Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SDA Alberta Show in April

Karin Millson Morphs
Merino, felting, thread, wood

Thinking of a comment that might devalue my piece above- which is as serious an art piece as I can manage…
How about "Can you make me a 9-piece tick tack toe like that?"
I'm not proud.
For orders of same and to discuss colours please contact me by clicking this.

Submissions to the SDA show "What's on the Surface?" that Linda and I are curating for exhibition in April, are rolling in.  Each day I get some wonderful imagery through my in tray.  Seeing the actual pieces will have to wait till March… that will be pure indulgence.  Congrats to everyone who has got their act together and are stitching away merrily (or glueing, dyeing, knitting, felting or burning!)… or have actually finished.

Now I must get on with my packing (no time to edit the above photo) and preparing for a few days away from this chilly land.  On to the wet one instead.  No Hawaii for me unfortunately.  But I was born in a green and pleasant land and you don't get that without water….

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