Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keeping me sane

karin millson 2013
Sanity Prevails

To rest my mind I do this.
It is interesting as I 'engineer' the warp to 'fit'.
I know that a weaver would find fault.
But not a Saori Weaver.
A Saori Weaver knows there is never anything wrong with a weaving.

Today I have dealt with so many things.
After a day-long workshop yesterday, teaching beginner and Nuno felting with some very interesting and talented artists I had much to work on - administrative duties that I have taken on re-SDA and Kreative Momentum.
If you are here on my blog because of notices about Yoshiko's Wada's workshops then you need to click on her name to find the blog entry you need.
At the end of an email-filled day I turned my mind to my own creativity, created the family's dinner for a start and then had a half an hour on the loom.

Very restful.
Thank you Judith. Thank you Terri.

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