Thursday, September 12, 2013

River Valley School Fund Raiser... Excellent school should be supported.

River Valley School Pupil's work - I do not name him for privacy reasons

Those of you who are my personal friends will know I haven't been keeping up with my emails -
sorry-O.  It is because I have been devoting so much time to felting.

Thanks to so many of you who responded by sending me felting and other materials for River Valley School - I hope you can spot some of your materials in the photos.  I loaded up the car last Friday and off I went to work with the students.  After 13 hours in the classroom I now have about 80 felted squares (or more or less square, squares) that I am needle-felting onto a background to make them up into 5 banners that can be auctioned on 28th September. Many of the students enjoyed themselves so much they carried on making felt till the bell went!

The students had none of the over-20s inhibitions concerning art and design and just got on with the fun job of painting with wool on their layered roving canvas.  Moustaches seem to be 'in' at the moment.  We also had dinosaurs, flags, cosmic scenes, animae and abstract textural pieces.  In fact many were made wonderfully textural by the addition of the lovely fabric and thread remnants (the latter I found are more frequently referred to as 'yarns' in Canada - it is a whole other language).

River Valley School Pupil's work - I do not name her for privacy reasons

I think the school could make gift cards with many of the images, they are so  good, or a calendar... I must ask the principal about that.... it is  a definite possibility.

Currently they are laying gravel for the playground (the whole surface having been swept away by the Bow).  And the contractors are in working round the clock, I was told, to get the classrooms back to functioning so that the students can all come back under one roof as soon as possible.

Thanks again to all those who donated.  There were so many of you, you are the salt of the earth.
I will upload images of the finished panels when I have finished and photographed them.


arlee said...

good to see the results--i still have a bag if you want it--at meeting?

Karin Millson said...

Thanks for your thoughts Arlee, but not right now. Maybe another time when their art room is ready.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of everyone at River Valley School, thank you Karin Millson and all of the generous donors who contributed to make this project possible for our students.

We are a resilient community because of the support we receive from people like you.

Our deepest gratitude,
Erin Corbett, Head of School
River Valley School

Karin Millson said...

I was also pretty darn careful to give PechaKucha plenty of exposure. Part of an official contract with them. Thanks for your comments, the works should raise some funds for the school, if you want to submit a sealed bid contact the school!!!