Saturday, May 25, 2013

Yupo Paper - Thanks to Nikki

My dear friend Nikki gifted me a sheet of Yupo paper. I hadn't used this material before.
I think it encourages me to do abstract art on paper and could be a great way to work a piece quickly before breakfast a la Pollen.
Below are some trial areas using water soluble crayons and wax.
Other images are of pieces that used soluble graphite, crayons, wax and aquarelle pencils.  Not sure I like the pale effects and the way some of crayons are softer than others, but I guess you would get used to them if used frequently.
Interesting though, especially when texture is added using wax crayons of various colours.
I also like the way it is possible to pull the colours into each other or scratch away parts using pencil crayons, aquarelle or simply water.
Like others who speak online, I didn't like Copic markers on this surface.
The surface needs a fixative to make it stable.
Composition #151T
 Too much energy-Snow's Thaw


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What's Yupo?

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