Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last Night

I was overwhelmed by the 100 or so samples we were gifted for the night by the Surface Design Association - or was it the Tylenol.
Sorry about the quality... if it is really bad bad bad I will take it down.

I decided to go to the meeting last night because, a) I didn't want to miss anything! b) I organised it with help from Arlee and Susan. C) I didn't feel like I would infect folks.  After all, I have had this thing since last week....
I am sure there will be more updates on the SDAlbeta blog but here is a summary:
Susan's wonderful hospitality; (Don't you know how to one use a semi-colon Stoopid?) SDA members wonderful pot luck snacks; Karin's one million types of tea; 20 SDA members and non-members - diversity in experience; relaxed friendly atmosphere; mix and mingle; meet new friends;  too much squeaky talking by Karin; astounding Swatch Collection B;  Home too late for someone who is getting over a cold.
Thanks to everyone who came along.  Next meeting 25th April (A Thursday) all are welcome SDA members and non- members.  Lisa Grey will be talking to us.  Location, time etc to follow.

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arlee said...

of course arlee would be the loudest.......:)