Monday, August 20, 2012

My oh My Monday

Thanks so much for all the wonderful support over my latest piece of work. I have enjoyed all your thoughts and notes about the piece.
Of course I don't think I deserve all this attention.
The piece itself now has a new home in England.  Thank you, you are my first ever online sale.

This weekend has been just super... well, we were at the intersection of three lay lines for much of the time!  We saw work at the Vancouver Art Gallery... more on that later when I have time.  But I must be hard on myself and move over to needle and thread now.

Just to say I was nearly sick in the plane, not because of air turbulence but because I couldn't find my sketchbook and decided I must have left it in the gallery....  Only when I was reunited with my suitcase near the cabaret dinosaur (the one with the pink boa) in Calgary airport, did I find I had absentmindedly put it in the hard case, and taken my SDA journal with me on the plane in its place.  An easy mistake to make when your brain is over-ripe...

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