Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kreative Momentum is active.

Scroll down to see the blog entry about the workshops with Jason Pollen.
Link to the registration document and get signed up.
Spaces are limited so please don't leave it too long.

On another subject........ the busy bee mustn't sit still.
So this week I have been working on samples for a workshop of my own (in Calgary).
Email if you think you would like to join with "Mastering the Whip."
Below are some basic building blocks from which we go on to look at forming texture with whip.
Nice idea huh?


Susan J Barker said...

just noticed your link up on the needle and thread network, so came for a visit. I don't quite understand what you mean by whip, tho... Iwill read back a few posts and see if I can figure it out!

Karin Millson said...

Whip stitch is the name given to the raised stitch the sewing machine produces when you increase top tension and loosen off bottom tension. It will be raised on the front side of the fabric. If you stitch with a very short stitch length you will get loops close together forming a ridge. If you use zig zag you get some very nice effects - feather stitch is one of the family of stitches produced in this way, there are others depending on what width or pattern settings you use.
It is very creative to work your sewing machine in ways that it wasn't design for. But best to do this in a class with a teacher to take you through the basics if you aren't already used to mucking about with tension screws on your machine.