Friday, September 23, 2011

Iran do Espirito Santo - Wall Drawings

Whilst on a visit to ACAD this morning I dipped into the work of Iran do Espirito Santo  at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery.
Below are a few images of some of the 7 large pieces on show.

Tape 2007/2011 latex on wall
Is is the result of a month long residency at ACAD and involves precise drafting, drawing and painting of latex, acrylic and marker on wall.
What a timely opportunity for me to visit 4000 square foot of line and mark since I am currently devoting some of my time to practicing and investigating design principles once more.

I found it v. amusing to see the ripped off edge on one piece of 'tape'  After many hours of using this nasty plastic for my packing boxes I know these shapes only too well.  The stunning feature is that it isn't plastic tape at all but rubber.

Fence 2007/2011 Permanent marker on wall.
Was rather disorientating for me - perhaps the interplay of the light and my vari-focals! was this the exact effect the artist wanted.  It appears that the fence is suspended some distance from the wall.
 Such brilliant variation in line... you could feel the bends in the wire.
A piece of ebony - probably a veneer leant up against a wall?
No, "A large square in black is carefully etched in minute detail, suggesting a faux ebony wood grain"  wrote Wayne Baerwaldt, Director/Curator, Exhibitions
 Detail of line...

Pieces are at times humorous, intriguing, illuminating or disorientating.  But always very fine.  "His work aims to critically engage or unhinge high modernist ideas associated with "progressive" architecture and design."  This from the documentation accompanying the exhibition... along with "Wit and paradox" So if you are interested in these things... what a great place to visit.

And what of my meeting at ACAD with the Extended Studies team?  Very positive I would say, very positive.

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