Friday, May 6, 2011

My Pile - After Arlee 4/2011

All around the province people are busy preparing piles of stuff to use during the ACAD Residency.  Here is my pile so far... today I hope to stitch, stitch and be merry.  My daughter is studying "Much ado about nothing"... I think it is having an effect on me.
This is the opening of the exhibition at Framed on Fifth... when everyone had left and we could actually see the paintings (it was well-attended).  Mine are tucked in near the window a little hidden by easels and rather sun-blocked, but I hope they are more open today as things will have been moved back into place after the 'show'.
It was a lovely evening where I met a wonderful community of Calgary and local artists.  I envy their skills - Photography, sculpture, painting, encaustic... and cooking.

Which brings me onto why M&M's has an apostrophe.  
For answers to this puzzling question you can do no better than starting here... 
and now I go to work - if I can with the skunk smell pervading the house.

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arlee said...

nice pile :)

we'll get our PHD's for this--"Pile it Higher and Deeper"