Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where do teapots go to die?

The one on the left I had had for years, bought it in Poole at the Poole Pottery as a second - and, being a British tea-drinker myself,  it had had a lot of heavy-handed, and clumsy use before finally becoming unsafe to use (as a teapot) when it developed a deep crack.
The one on the right I bought at great cost at Britannia hardware used it once, bashed it on the tap and broke the spout... My mother taught me that broken or cracked crockery is unsafe... so now it is a scissors' holder. (Bu the way, apostrophe-needed = holder of scissors)

Working on felt - it is a thrill to sculpt felt... such a user friendly material.
I usually do battle with the materials I use, this is at peace with me... Maybe I should work with felt more often?  And if you can't tell, this previously flat felt is now sculpted... I like to think of it as a singing bowl as I work it into shape.  There is something very meditative about stitching with such density.

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