Thursday, April 7, 2011

Canmore Hospital

I was fortunate enough to meet Dana Roman through Contextural and even though I don't live in Canmore but 40 mins away in Calgary, Dana thought I ought to be given the opportunity to hang some of my work in the community space of Canmore Hosptial.  
The image above shows four digital prints of abstracts from my shibori hoodoo work hanging in a communal waiting area of the main corridor that runs through the cancer treatment unit.  Whilst we were hanging the works (thanks for your brilliant help Dana and Al) several of the staff seemed really pleased to have more work coming into the rooms and patients walked by smiled or sat in the chairs to take a break.  It seems the hospital is a very friendly place and the above area is much used.
We also hung 5 of my small stitched pieces in the treatment rooms to the right of the waiting room. I was quite surprised when a member of the staff told me that I certainly must put up a bio. and some prices as people like to read about the works and may even like to make a purchase.  Thinking back I am sure Dana  must have told me this before, but I guess it was quite an alien idea to me so I forgot it.
I am very proud to have my work up in the hospital. Thanks to John for paying for the framing!
Do we do philanthropic things to make ourselves feel good about ourselves? Certainly, but I hope that isn't the main reason but that it is also because we truly believe we can make the world a better place.
The hospital ought to be congratulated for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere and for its support of the arts.  The walls and cabinets along a main thoroughfare are given over to gallery space for many local artists... but beware, it seems that theft of pieces is not unheard of.  Can you imagine? For shame.

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