Sunday, March 20, 2011

One divided by 2 is 2

1 LegWarmer = 2 ArmWarmers

Thanks to the workshop (see below) my daughter now has two arm-warmers.
I just cut down the middle of the leg-warmer and blocked the pieces to fit her arms.
A little backstitch and felting later (sorry Marjolein it wasn't by hand) and the arm-warmers are just to her taste.
And in her hands are the pebbles she made after being inspired by Marjolein's talk at ACAD this week... wonderful show by the textile students and an incredible talk.

All this writing of leg and arm-warmers has reminded me of "Little Bear's Trousers" Jane Hissey 1987 which every small child should have read to them hundreds of times - ("They're not icing bags, they're my TROUSERS!!! ") well it didn't do us any harm.  In this day and age... guess what, Little Bears stories are available online though the animation isn't a patch on the book illustrations - complete with one's imagination.


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She wears them lots of the time like a kiddie with a blanket - I am thrilled.