Thursday, December 2, 2010

Waste not - I want.

I don't seem able to throw away even the smallest piece of scrap fabric.  After the class finished the other day one of the participants asked me about throwing away scraps from my fabrics they had used... and I only nodded  my ascent as I couldn't bring myself to say "Yes, of course chuck them." but inside of me I heard (rather loudly)... "No, I can use that ... not now, who knows when, but I know I can use it"  After the class finished and I cleared up I took out the larger of the scraps and put them in my box of useful bits.
I do feel I ought to give myself part (just a small part) of each day, to do something with such things... nothing structured, just play around... it could be considered a warm up exercise - maybe that is what is missing from my studio time.  And actually my life...

Latest play on what was waste:
The above was a piece of carrier that was used to support a print on a sheer, which was then waxed, and inked and dried and will soon be stitched I hope.

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