Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More images from the exhibition

All credit to Lana of Eleven Eleven and Resolution Gallery who has proved an excellent host for this exhibition.  She certainly runs a business with heart and soul.  I wish her and her colleagues much success.  This business deserves its succeess so here is a photo of the owner and the place, I hope you will visit the gallery and also the boutique that she runs on the main floor.

The Gallery at 233 - 10 St NW Calgary (Kensington District)

Now back to some more photos.... Although there is much more to see, read and understand than is shown here....First a detail of the beautiful hand dyed and printed fabric from Anne
 Anne Fetterly
 Sample table and documentation by Lyn Pflueger (sorry Lyn about my Omani bag confusing the story - so unprofessional)
And detail of her hanging shibori piece above.
 Dana Roman
 Melinda Topilko
 Charis Birchall
 Tara Griffiths

Thanks especially to Anne who curated the show and all the other members who helped organise and support the group.

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