Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do you know of Les Graff?

Today I got an invitation to an art exhibition opening... (Virinia Christopher Fine Art) well I didn't, it was sent to someone who used to live here (we rent). But the outcome is the same, I have seen some recent work by Les Graff and looked him up on the web and found I like I like....  Some of his works look very textile-ish so I guess that is what drew me in initially.
I suppose I can't grab an image of the art and put it in here... it is artwork and the property of the artist.... So you will have to make an effort yourself if you want to see some... Try this artwork selector. or better still go to the gallery in Calgary...
Mr Graff used to work as director of Arts and Crafts for the province of Alberta  - here is a quote from the article linked above....
"The one figure I’ve always found interesting, you can take the number of dollars you spend within the visual arts, track them through and show that just about all of those dollars spin right back into the community.  And for every dollar we spend there is this and this and this benefit.  And you go wow that’s impressive.  

In spite of being able to prove that over and over and over again, nobody bites the bullet.  They just say, to play with the arts is too controversial for the public.  We’ll do something, let’s not say too much about it and let’s just leave it there. "

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