Thursday, September 2, 2010

"And you couldn't draw it on in pen, because...."

The GPS routes have been downloaded.  The routes have been transferred to an image editing programme.  One image has been made ready for the machine's digitizing programme.  I have had the laptop re-segmented to give me more memory. well, not 'me' exactly... but we now have the mac running windows (spit spit), and I have 3D suite running a treat.  And 4D upgrade ready to update.
For the first time in many years (after trying to get the thing working in Oman) I now have a connection from Mac to Pfaff every time.
And the blue outlines on the right are what it is all for.
Not bad for a few days struggle and whole day with my software engineer!  Thanks Dan.
Next week should really be a lot of fun if I can do some work in between the shopping for the son-goes-away-to-college needs.  He is currently making a list... and it is impressive.

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Jackie said...

This is very impressive. I have faff envy!
I can see the attraction of having easily repeatable motifs you can programme in. How much time it must save.Can't wait to see what you do.