Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday morning feeling. a bit rusty!!

In Oman we used to get that Monday morning feeling on a Saturday, their weekend being Thursday/Friday.  Today I had a great Monday morning feeling as I saw the rust-dyeing left on Friday, emerge from its plastic covering.
ACAD fibre dept. has a wonderful collection of rusty bits and they are about 10 times the size of rusty bits that I have collected and keep at home.  I think I want to go even bigger with this.  As follow up today I have left some bigger sheets to rust dye but even ACAD's rusting metal is not big enough for these pieces... so I will have to look elsewhere, Tara did say there are some bits outside the building...

Anyway the sun bleaching of my papers (I did a trial over the weekend) were not very encouraging.  I mean they bleached too much.  Perhaps I need to go for an over-dye of rust on my KMnO4 papers like the one at the bottom (above).  I really like this piece.

It was a short day for me at ACAD as I had an appointment elsewhere at 12:30, but on the way to my appointment I checked out Beadles for the 'nodes' for my latest wormy... they had about 6 beads in the colour I need and I need about 30!  I bought samples of two other colours and I hope I feel satisfied with these when I have applied them....  Might have to visit Suzie-Q in Inglewood to see if they have my first choice of beads.. or something more similar.  Or maybe Michael's on the way home tomorrow, though I don't hold out much hope for Mike's.

First night of yoga tonight.


arlee said...


Suzie-q's is EXPENSIVE--and snotty---and have some great beads but are EXPENSIVE--and snotty :}

Unknown said...

What fantastic work!! and lucky you to have such a great space to work in - I am sooo Jealous!! I love the rusted fabrics - how big are you trying to go and why? Could you not scrunch or fold up your fabric before rusting? Turning it over if necessary

Karin Millson said...

Yes I am very lucky... I know it and am trying to be in at ACAD every minute that I can.
I am hoping use the paper and interfacing that I dyed to work it to imitate tree bark. I already have some pieces but they are so small once I have shiboried them... I use Shibori to create the shades and textures... I don't un'fold' them too much because I like the you are bang on with your suggestion of folding and scrunching.
I will post an image shortly - if I have success with these new pieces.
Progress is slow when I try new techniques... but thanks for popping by to see what is going on for me.