Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Triple Shibori

Here we have a development - My organisms can have nodes... or courting display adaptations, or camouflage texture, or maybe they are pustules developed due to the animals being exposted to hostile environmental conditions... I am a micropalaeontologist - with experience in palaeoecology I can justify their evolution at many levels.
Wonders of wonders my worms are evolving as I sew. And those nodes are just asking to be stitched, burnt, padded, quilted or coloured and embellished.... on on....
-oops I should have said that this piece involves what I like to call Triple Shibori which is Shibori on three planes or three stitching/wrapping processes ... it isn't difficult just time consuming - which I try and see as mind numbingly meditative... and that's a positive isn't it??


arlee said...

aaaaaaa lumps bumps and nodules!!! I LIKE!!!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Look like caterpillar/octopus suckers to me.. and splendid they are too!