Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Albino Nudibranch

I can't bring myself to do it.
I think this piece should be enjoyed for its tactile, sculptural form and have no distractions due to colour.
and so I would like to introduce you to this first piece from my next collection, although the next time you see it it might have some cilia - they go through a juvenile stage where they are naked in terms of adornments.
Of course this means I will be stitching away on another length of silk so that I can dye the next species.


arlee said...

mmm, looks perfectly like chitin---wonderful

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Woah... this is wild! I love this. I was thinking of marine slugs... those *are* nudibranch right? Thnen this is PERFECT! Excuse me while I check out the rest of your blog! :) Think you've made the right choice to leave this one as it is. Good luck on teh rest of teh collection! Look forward to that.

lisette said...

so beautiful (came here via arlee - and am off to play in the archives)

so exciting to find a new art textile blog :)

alsokaizen said...

OOO! I love a nudibranch! they are the coolest most extravagant creatures! awesome use of heat setting shibori, I will be back to see more

Jacky said...

Incredible, what a wonderful blog you have (I have just found you via Kaizens blog).
Your dyeing work and experiments are great.