Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Went to check on the dimensions of the gallery space at Epcor for February and took in a few galleries.
Tried to visit the Triangle Gallery and saw the work of Ryan Marsh Fairweather - these organisms crawling up a wall create an assemblage very much like I hope to with my Shibori work. Aren't they funny. Ryan if you see this and object to the image please let me know and I will remove it.

Truck Gallery (beware, both do not open till 11am) Had a coffee at Arts Central (very pleasant), then went to find the Weiss Gallery and "100 pieces of work by Judy Chicago (now down to about 20 pieces of work because of the need to cater for their commitments to their other artists....) The lady there was most encouraging and did assure me they would be bringing out other works from the collection to show before end Jan when the exhibition of Judy's works will end. Maybe one or two will be textile???

Had a pleasant lunch with John and we sat in full sunshine! Is this winter in Calgary?

Then back to Truck - work by Tammy McGrath - Voir Dire very thought provoking - about the burning of books... which took me back to Kristelnacht so was quite a disturbing experience. The commentary was very illuminating leading one to consider what might be coming out from the ashes, which in this case were dark "ominous creatures.... mythological beasts.... protectors of the persecuted books, or provocateurs of their evil demise."

Whilst collecting items from around the arty places I saw that Ron Mueck's work is at the Glenbow till Jan... might take a look at that exhibition, although I thought I never would.

Galleries at the Epcor had interesting displays, noteably the City of Magpies from The New Gallery.

Lots of lovely textile... mixed media with found objects, made by some of the homeless in Calgary under mentorship of local artists. A stunning window display.

Hope to go to see Dagmar Dahle - Weaving Van Goch... Looks very interesting, I wonder if I can get a group together to see this and other works.

A great day out - I felt like I was on holiday. So many more galleries to visit.

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Lynn Cohen said...

Hearing about Judy Chicago takes
me back in time....1960's maybe? When did she do the dinner plates?
They all looked like women's vaginas! Oh those were the days! LOL